Add Collection

Adding Collection for your product is always a good option. It’s way to make your product unique.

Now if you want to create Collection for your product  you must login to HipKart admin dashboard, then navigate to Products > Collection

Click on the Collection Link.

if you don not have any collection Then click on  “Add New Collection“.


When you clicked on “Add New Collection” you will see a page. Here you can add Collection.

After writing Collection name, then click on the “Add New Collection” button, and when you clicked on button your Collection will be saved.  After that you will be redirect to all Collection List.

Here you can edit, delete and also add collection.

if you want to edit your Collection you have to click on the name of collection which you want to be edit. After enter new collection name click on update button. your collection name will be updated.


Now you can easily use this Category while adding your product. Now if you want to associate your this custom category with your exiting products.

Login to your Store Admin and then Click on “Products” from the left side menu after clicking this you will see a Sub Menu “All Products”, click on that menu and you will see a Add Product page.

Left Menu >> Products >> All Products


Click on the All Products Link.

When you clicked on the link you will be redirected to your all product page, here you will the list of the products that you have added into your store till now. Now you can Edit your product by Just clicking on the name of the  product to associate the Custom category with your products.

When you click name of the Product to Edit Link you will be redirected to the Edit product page here you just scroll down little you will see a Collection Tab here all your custom categories will be shown. So just select the Custom Categories what you want to associated with this product and then at bottom click on the Save Product button to save your changes.

Now If you have question how you can link this Custom Category into your store theme.

So now you just have to go the the theme edit section, (Note: If you have not selected any theme for your store. You can choose it form our free templates page, from there you can select which ever you found suitable for your store.)

If you already have one then just go to edit part of your theme, then click on the category section button what you have added under the Category Layout into your theme. Then just click on the button where you want to associate this category.

Click on the link icon, you will see a dialog box, in front of you. In the dialog box click on the Category tab here you will see the all the custom categories you have created.

So just select that category and then click on the Apply button. Now your category is linked with button into your store theme.

Note: After doing all the changes, You must click on the Save Button to save your all the changes for your store theme. If you left the page none of the changes will be saved.