How is Chat Response Rate calculated?

Your chat response rate is the percentage of new chat threads and the offers that you have responded to.

Your response can be a chat message or an offer made by the buyer. Please note that it will be a part of your response rate regardless whether you accept or reject an offer from your customer.

Your response rate is based on the average of your responses to:

  • The messages or offers you have received in the past 90 days.
  • However, if you has received fewer than 2 new chat threads in the past 90 days, a default of chat response rate of 57% will be shown.
  • Higher weightage is given to the most recent 25% chats received in the past 90 days.

*Kindly do be reminded that seller need to respond to each chat within 12 hours of receiving the chat and end the conversation with the buyer to ensure the chat respond rate is calculated correctly. 

Please be noted that auto-replies are not included in your chat response rate and we update your chat response rate daily.