How to add and manage buckets

Buckets are the places where you can upload your image file. Which you can use on your Themes,  Product and Bulk Import.



Login to your Store Admin and then Click on “Files” from the left side menu . After clicking this you will see a Sub Menu “Photo Bucket”.

Left Menu >> Files >> Photo Bucket


Now You can add a unique name for your bucket for your reference.

Now You can Add Photo in Buckets By clicking on “Add Photo” Button.

You can add More Photos to bucket by clicking “Add Photo” button.

To copy the URL of  image click Here.

You can also Delete the added Photo from the  Bucket.

Then you click on “Photo Bucket” Sub menu Under “File” Menu. Then you will see List of all Buckets that are created.

you can add more photos to Bucket by clicking on “Add Item” link.

You can Delete the bucket.

Manage these bucket and upload photo it make your product adding and bulk import process fast.