How to add and manage digital file

You can add any kind of Digital File here for sale. Here either you can upload your .zip file or you can provide the downloadable link of the file.



Login to your Store Admin and then Click on “Files” from the left side menu after clicking this you will see a Sub Menu “ Digital File”, click on that menu and you will see a Digital Form page.

Left Menu >> Files >> Digital File



You can add title for your digital file, add Preview Link ( this is optional), add Downloadable FileName (This is name of you downloaded digital file), add Download able Link (This is the Link where you can download your DIgital file).


Below is the explanation about fields of form

Title Provide a name for Digital file for your reference.
Preview Link If your product has some kind of Demo or Preview, you can add Preview Link of the Demo, For eg. Design Link, Video Trailer etc.
Downloadable FileName Name of file by which name user will receive when he/she download this file after placing order.
Download able Link Link from where to download this file after customer place order. This Download link will never to shared publically to customers, this will be used only by our system to get the file download by a unique link after customer place order.

If you don’t have downloadable link for your product and having file with you.



You can upload file here and a downloadable link will be automatically generated for customer.

After Adding all information click on “Save” Button.  All Information will be save.  Now you can download you file from Download able Link that you given in above box.



You can see list of all Digital Files. You can edit the Digital file by clicking on Edit. You can add new Digital Files from “Add New File”.

You can manage All Digital files for your all Digital products at one place.