how to add and manage Privileges

You can add Staff members to manage your store. You can assign them different privileges to restrict whole access of admin. Remember a User needs to have account with the email id you use to add as a staff.


Login to your Store Admin and then Click on “Settings” from the left side.

Left Menu >> Settings


After clicking on setting link you will see a page then click on “Privileges” block.


You can add Name, Email and Phone Number and click on “Save” button. The new Staff member is added.



Now all the staff Member are listed.



You can remove the staff members by clicking on “Remove” Link.



Now you can assign the role by clicking on “Assign Roles” Link.

Roles are the permissions which you add for any staff to provide them access of your admin, these permissions are used to restrict their full access on your store admin. A staff can access only those areas which you add permissions for them.



Home To give access of Dashboard.
Orders To give Privileges of order management to see and manage orders select these Roles under Orders.
Products To give permissions of Product management add,edit,delete product select these Roles under Products.
My store To manage content of your store like pages, Blogs, logos select these Roles under My store.



Analytics To give permission to Dashboard(statistics) Select Role Under Analytics.
Domain To manage Domain, MX Records, TXT Records of your store select Roles under Domain.
Marketing To manage Marketing select Roles under Marketing.
Discounts To give Discounts select Roles under Discount.



Discovery To give Privileges to Discovery Select Role Under Discovery
Landing Pages To manage Landing pages of your store select Roles under Landing Pages
Facebook Shop To manage Facebook Shop of your store select Roles under Facebook Shop
Mobile Apps To give Discounts select Roles under Discount.



Settings To give Privileges to Setting Select Role Under Settings
Manage Shipping To manage Manage Shipping like Shipping Api , Shipping Packages of your store select Roles under Manage Shipping

After Changing the role You can click on “Save” Button.

You can add and manage your staff accounts based on your current store plan. These staff account can be removed or permissions can be changed at any time you want, the full control is in your hand.