How to add shipping notes

This will help you to show about shipping to your customers. You can manage shipping information, how to show shipping information and add additional notes for shipping, so that customer can see that information which you want to show to your customer.

How to add a Shipping Notes in Hipkart ?

To add Shipping Notes you have to  login to your Store admin panel, click on “Settings” from left side menu.

Left menu >> Settings


After clicking on setting link you will see a page then click on “Additional Shipping Notes” block.



You can enable/disable shipping Information on Product page.



Like here in this product page Shipping information is showing. You can hide it from “Additional Shipping Note” form in the Admin pannel.

You have option to enable/disable this feature by tick/untick the shipping information as shown below.



You can also format the style of displaying shipping information on Product page. Placeholders can be used to make information dynamic.



{SHIPDAYS} – To show Ready to Ship days from Product info.

{SHIPFROM} – To show Dispatch Country from Product info.

{SHIPCOST} – Shipping cost based in User location, from Product info.

{SHIPCTRY} – Country name, where user want to ship the product.



You can also show additional Shipping Note on your product page as showing in above picture. You can add message for eg: shipping may take 10-15 days because of high demands. This message will be displayed on Product Page below the Add to Cart button so that your customer already have that information before they proceed to place an order on your store.

You can add this Shipping Notes information from admin panel.



Then Click on “Save” Button to save the information about shipping.

After Adding this Additional Notes this information will be displayed on Product Page under Add to Cart button.