How to choose Checkout options

You can use the secure checkout to accept orders and take payments wherever you sell online. After a customer adds products to a cart, they use your checkout to enter their shipping information and payment details before placing the order.

You can view and change your checkout settings from the Checkout settings page in your admin panel.

How to choose checkout option in Hipkart ?

To choose checkout you have to  login to your Store admin panel, click on “Settings” from left side menu.

Left menu >> Settings


After clicking on setting link you will see a page then click on “Checkout Setting” block.

You can set checkout options for your customers. You can allow customer to checkout with login or as a guest as well.



Set your checkout settings, what you want to offer your customer for checkout.

Standard – This will ask customer to login before processing to checkout.

Only Guest – This will not ask customer to login and customer can proceed to checkout without account creation.

Both – This will give customers a choice if they want to checkout with login or want to do a guest checkout.

Then Click on “Save Checkout Option”. Your checkout settings will be saved.

By doing the above steps you can manage your checkout settings. You can manage checkout setting anytime.