How to add custom options on order

The Custom Fields portion of your add product area lets you create custom input fields for collecting information from your customers.

The Custom Fields option allows up to add 10 different custom option that are displayed on your storefront.

All custom fields will be displayed to customers during the Product page on the storefront. Each can be used to collect data from the customers.

Custom Field Settings

To access the Custom Fields option, First you must login to HipKart admin dashboard, then go to Products > Add New Product.



Click on the Add New Product Then you will see a page to “Add Product”. Here you can see “custom option” and you can enable/disable this option.


How to set up a custom field for use in your store’s order process to get more information from customers about their products.

Use Cases:

Use Case 1:

Let’s say you’re an online clothing retailer offering shirts with custom monogram embroidery. You need to add “Option Type” as Text or image and then add label for you option. The system is configured to present a “Option Detail” to customers to define what they wish to have monogrammed on their shirt. You can also choose the option whether they are required or not through “Is required” option.

Once these settings are configured, customers will see  requesting the information in the product page of your storefront under the heading of Custom Option.


Use Case 2:

you’re selling artificial Jewellery. you are selling product like Pendant and ring with name initial. You need to add “Option Type” as Text and Label of “Name Initial”. Now the product page customer will see the option to add Name Initial they want on the Jewellery they are ordering.You can also choose the option whether they are required or not through “Is required” option.


Use Case 3:

you’re selling product like printed photographs of the customer on Mugs,T-shirt or on Frame.  so you can ask them to upload there picture.  For this you can use “Option Type” as Image.  This option will shown to user on product page while ordering product they will upload the picture and you will see this on order page.


Similar like above use cases you can use this custom option for many other cases like you are selling key chains, you can use this for key chain initial or name on the key chain or you might be you selling pillow cover and you want to engrave some name or print any photograph for these kind of cases you can these custom options.