Import Product from Shopify to your HipKart store

Export product CSV for Shopify here are following steps you need to make,

If you want to export your all products form Shopify to Hipkart store. Well first we want to Congratulate you. You have made the correct decision.

First login to your Shopify store admin dashboard then navigate to menu list on the right side, click on the Product option and then click on All products link.



On All Products page you will options on the top of Export and Import. Click on the Export button, a dialog box will appear.


On dialog box, you will see options. Please choose options All Products and Plain CSV file form the dialog box, and then click on “Export Items” button.


Shopify will sent you email of your all products in CSV file.

Now Import your product CSV file into your HipKart store in just simple steps.

Login to your Store Admin and then Click on “Products” from the left side menu . After clicking this you will see a Sub Menu “Import Shopify Products”

Left Menu >> Products >> Import Shopify Products




Now you just need to upload the CSV file sent form Shopify, then click on the “Import Products” button.

By the time your products will upload add shipping information about these products. You can add shipping for all product at once.

In shipping information you have your country for domestic shipping, Anywhere Else is international shipping, Europe is for shipping in all Europe.
By clicking on location you can set different shipping cost to different country.



You can also add shipping for all product one by one clicking on  “Add Shipping Individually”.



Congratulation, now your all products will appear into your store shortly and also they will available for customers.