What is opt-in Bar and how you can use this

Always keeping your customers in the loop about your business updates, promotions, and special events is a key element of managing customer relationships. Informing them with a display Message on your website is a simple and effective way to achieve this. Quick Announcement Bar makes that even easier and quicker.

Easy to Setup and Fully Equipped:

  • A Message can be configured within 30 seconds by utilizing our curated templates
  • Auto-scheduling, you can create as many bars as you want and schedule them even months in advance

This Bar shows on the top of Header with your message. You can customize this bar as your theme and requirements.

How to add Opt-In Bar / Quick Announcement Bar in Hipkart Store ?



Login to your Store admin and then Click on “Boosters” from the left side menu.

Left Menu >> Boosters



After clicking on Boosters link you will see a page then click on “Manage” Link of Opt-in Bar Block.



You can enable the feature by clicking on “Enable Opt-in Bar”.



you can enable the Timer by clicking on “Enable Timer”.  When you click on enable timer option you will add Timer details like Timer start date,Timer start time,Timer stop date,Timer stop date.

After that Add Message to be displayed on Opt-in Bar.



You can change the text color of message and background color of optin bar. You can also can the font size of message in opt-in bar.

After Adding all details you can click on “Save Setting” button.  All Details will be saved and Opt-in Bar will be displayed on your store.