What is Style Sync? How can you use it?

What is style sync?

Style sync is a part of hipkart’s theme editor where you can give same style to a similar element in a section for example if in a section, there are two buttons then if you styling to anyone of a two buttons, same style will be applied to other button also.

How can we use it?

Style syncing is best feature we can use it in hipkart’s store theme editor. Its main feature is it saves alot more time of ours while editing our store theme. You can apply same styling to a similar looking element in a individual section. This saves alot of our time.

Style sync also helps you in choosing multiple product images while selecting product for a individual product section. You can select multiple images and click on apply, images will automatically be placed at their respective places with theirs names, prices, description respectively.

How can we turn if OFF/ON?

You can turn if OFF/ON by clicking cog icon in a theme editor where you find a label with a text ‘Style Sync’ with a checkbox on a left side of a label. You can turn ON/OFF by selecting/unselecting that checkbox respectively. Style sync is turned ‘ON’ by default.