what is tax and how you can use this

You need to pay Taxes to the government of the country where you running your business. Hipkart Provides you  a panel where you can add taxes and charges.



To add Taxes you have to  login to your Store admin panel, click on “Settings” from left side menu.

Left menu >> Settings


After clicking on setting link you will see a page then click on “Taxes” block.



You can add Taxes by clicking on “Add New Tax” Button.


Below is the explanation about fields of form

Country Choose Country where you want to apply this tax.
State Choose State where you want to apply this tax.
Tax Name Provide Proper Tax Name
Tax Value(in %) Give Tax value in percentage so that your customer will not have any confusion about tax.

After adding all details click on “Save Tax” Button. These Taxes will be applied during the checkout.