What is the Discovery Network and How it works ?

Hipkart is a global product discovery network and every store hosted on Hipkart platform is the part of this discovery network. This network enhance the discovery of your products by displaying your products on different stores, across the discovery network with global footprint. However this is purely controllable an you can manage this as per your needs and store niche(eg: Kids shoe).


1. Full Discovery

Having full discovery enabled makes your store products get displayed across the stores of global discovery network. By having this enabled your store is also part of this discovery network and products of other’s stores will also be displayed on your store, making this a true reciprocal discovery which enhances the conversion rate upto 15x. Only similar products or the products our system identifies that would enhance your store & product will be displayed. This adds a big advantage of making your customer happy and comfortable, also adding another layer of trust as customer gets aware that your store is reliable and part of Hipkart’s global product search engine network.


2. Networked discovery

This is almost similar to Full Discovery, but gives you an custom option to explicitly add and target other stores, which are known to you or shortlisted by you. Very good example of this use case, when you Connect one or multiple stores of your friends or business affiliates to display each other’s products to benefit all store participating by converting the exit traffic and reducing the bounce rate. This is a great way to increase sales 5x to 7x as well reduce marketing spend upto 10x.


3. One way Discovery

This is an isolated discovery mode, that disables the discovery of other stores products on your store. By doing so your store will not benefit from free reciprocal discovery modes (Full Discovery, Networked Discovery).

Note: The great hack to have uniqueness of One way discovery yet take the advantage of reciprocal discovery is in the example below. But if your brand and product is such that other products effects your store design and brand identity you can surely choose this “One Way Discovery Mode”.


Hack:  We call it the “Shelly Goodman Hack”, as it was discovered and used by one of our six figure store owner Shelly Goodman, She used the Networked Discovery which super-seeded the One Way Discovery, she created an interesting Hybrid. She started 3 different stores on Hipkart One of woman accessories & bags, another of very cute kids accessories & bags and 3rd one accessories for pets & t-shirts for pet’s lovers. By doing this she created 3 stores with 3 niches giving her the ease and benefit of niche specific low cost marketing, which increased her conversion 65x, the reason to this was customers to any one of her store end up buying atleast 1 product either on that store or other Networked Discovery store. In standard case if a customer doesn’t like a product on a store simply leaves without any purchase which is commonly known as Exit or Bounce rate.


The Big Question: We have noticed where most people are excited and very much interested in this hack but have a limbo that where to source different products to create different stores to implement this hack and also some worry about the additional investment on all the inventory and online store operation cost. But you will be astonished to know Goodman is running a Hybrid E-Commerce Business which is unique on Hipkart only. In other words she is running her stores without any investment on inventory and store operations cost, because first she is running all 3 stores on Hipkart’s Free plan and using Hipkart’s inbuilt dropshipping(https://www.kart.supply) for the accessories & bags and POD (Print on Demand) for t-shirts. This way she built her entire business without any capital investment and with very small intelligent marketing spend.

It’s kind of her to share this hack.

How to add Product Discovery Settings in your Hipkart Store?

Login to your Store admin panel click on “Discovery” on left menu and click on that and you will see a page to add Product Discovery Settings.

Left menu >> Discovery 



Now you can add store URL into Network Discovery Then by clicking on “Save  Product Discovery” the URL are added to Network Discovery.