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Own Product: Create a store on hipKart with your products.

HipKart allows you to easily create your fully customized store front at free of cost with ease and start selling across the world. - in only few clicks.

Drop-shipper Products: Find products for your store in minutes.

HipKart allows you to easily import drop-shipped products directly into your e-commerce store on hipKart and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.

Lets see how Kelly and Emma both use hipKart's free service to run their business.

Kelly is selling her own products on her hipKart store.

Emma is selling products of others by keeping her profit margins on her store.

Jennifer is a buyer looking for a bag and pair of shoe, hipKart helps her to find the bag on Kelly's store and shoes on Emma's.

  • Your Own Products

    Kelly Jennifer
    1 2 3

    Jennifer finds the bag priced $95.99 on Kelly's store and make the payment.

    Kelly receives the payment and ships the product to Jennifer

    Jennifer receives the product and gives her feedback.

  • Drop-shipper Products

    Emma Natalie Jennifer
    1 2 3 4

    Jennifer finds the shoe priced $45.99 on Emma's store and makes the payment.

    Emma receives the payment for the shoe, and keeps her profit margins of $20.

    Emma pays Natalie the actual price of the shoe and updates her order details.

    Natalie receives the payment of $25.99 and ships the product to Jennifer directly on Emma's behalf.

Launch your store on hipKart for free with or without having your own products.

No setup, transaction or monthly fee.*No credit card required