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Get Truly Free & Powerful Storefront.

HipKart is a free ecommerce platform built with AI powered discovery network to built your free online store.

Build your store easily on HipKart packed with all the features to build a successful online business. Success is for sure, because HipKart helps your store to be discovered by customers around the world

Save $5,000 per year or even more.

. No Monthly fee
. No commission fee
. No listing or flat fee.

What you will pay for elsewhere it's 100% free here.

. Free Store Builder
. Free Ecommerce Templates
. Free SSL Certificate (Your Store Security)
. Free Domain Pointing
. Unlimited Hosting with products & Inventory.


Customize Every Part of Your Online Store Look

Creating beautiful Online store has never been easier. Explore the templates, select one and use easy to choose and apply template editor to customize store look in minutes within the need to hire a designer.

Still worried about how to do ? Just signUp for free store and request for customization.

The same beautiful experience across devices.

200 + Free Themes Possibilities

Retina Ready

Every Qards site is retina ready. Your pages will pop with sharp, gorgeous images and type on devices that support retina display.

Responsive Layout

Every Qards template is mobile-ready to ensure a seamless, consistent experience across any device.

Reach Customers. Fast & Free.

Your store on HipKart enabled with AI driven social commenting and auto advertisement that helps your product to get more visibility across various channels and around the world.

Social Commenting

Build your free store with social networking enabled. There is a new way to reach customers fast and free, social commenting directly on your products generates buyers interest.

Global Discovery

Discovery AI automatically creates ads of your store products and display them to customer across the network of marketplaces globally making your free store popular.

Smart tools to grow your business

AI based advance tools included to start and run your ecommerce business. You can control and manage your store from any devices Desktop to iOS & Android app on the go.

Increase sales with AI Discovery

First on its kind, the AI based marketing and discovery system helps you to build a free store with more conversion to grow 10x faster than the industry average. Drive more traffic, convert more visitors and sell smartly while keeping 100% of your sale revenue without paying any commissions.

Get Extreme Performance

Building your free store on Hipkart benefits from industry-leading performance and stability, including an average uptime of more than 99.99% and your store that load fast for maximum sales conversion.

Promote your products.

Create online marketing campaigns so the prospective buyers see your store products

Let the AI do all, no experience needed.

Facebook Ads

Use HipKart’s free automatic marketing tool to build you facebook ad at much lower price because of the automatic tool power by Artificial Intelligence. You’re targeting the real shoppers at much lower spend

Pinterest Pinning

Take the advantage of free marketing & traffic, automatically pin your products to Pinterest and generate traffic and sales. HipKart will do for you.

E-commerce is growing $ 0000 Join The revolution

Whether you're a small business, startup or large company with many products,
HipKart will helps you to build free store and help you discover your sales footprint worldwide.

Hipkart Speaks Your & Your Customers Language

Build your free store on Hipkart and let it sell to customers worldwide in their local languages.

Upload your Product to your free store in your language and let Hipkart's language AI translate it for your customers.

Your products is displayed to your customers in their languages & local currency automatically.

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Best Free Store Builder packed with powerful features to create free store

Hipkart powers Ecommerce businesses all over the world

I am amazed that Hipkart being free offers better and more advance features compared to other platforms which charges. My business have grown tremendously, as i could spend more on marketing which i saved using Hipkart.

Sabina Berman Goldberg


HipKart has helped me grow my business amazingly. It’s been a pleasure because everything is easier than I ever imagined and yet free.

Rossa Montero


Unlike our previous experience on other platforms, we are spending $0.00/month and without having problems such as slow site are going down. Hipkart is best and simplest way to sell online.

Sriram Reddy


No Transaction Fee.No Monthly Fee.No Listing Fee *No credit card required
Build your own branded Android & iOS store app


Expand your business with HipKart

Add Sell Profit Get Dropshipping

Automate your drop shipping business.

Now with HipKart You have power of choice. Choose what works best for your business.

  • Our AI picks the star products and list them to our Supplies (Kart.Supply) platform. So it’s simple you choose and add the product you your store what what you want to sell and make profit.
  • Hybrid Store: Sell your own products along with dropshipping, enhance your store’s product range to many folds.

Free Automatic tool helps you to find, list and automate your dropshipping order fulfillment process with ease.

Learn how to start dropshipping business for free

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categorize merchandise easily - haori jacket
categorize merchandise easily - wangari sunglasses
categorize merchandise easily - terra cotta studio top
categorize merchandise easily - terra cotta studio top
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The Hip Comparison

Why HipKart is Best store builder & Best Ecommerce Platform



Everything you need for a growing business


Features for scaling your business


Features for scaling your business


Features for scaling your business

Monthly price
USD $0.00 /mo
USD $29.00 /mo
USD $39.99 /mo
USD $0.00 /mo
Listing/ Referral Fee
FREE FREE $0.99/item $0.30/item
Product Discovery
Own Store
Branded App
AI bases - FB Ads
On Money control
Hybrid Store
Transaction fees 0.0% 2.0% 12.0% 5.0%
Disclaimer : The above data has been collected from websites of respective providers and we do not guarantee and take responsibility of the information provided in the chart.

We beat them in Everything

✓ Pricing ✓ Features ✓ Hosting
  • HipKart
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • $0.00/Mo Enterprise Grade
  • $29.00/Mo Enterprise Grade
  • $39.00/Mo Enterprise Grade
  • Easy Setup Yes
  • Easy Setup Expert Required
  • Easy Setup Tech Required
  • Themes All Free
  • Themes Free/Paid
  • Themes Free/Paid
  • Product Discovery Yes
  • Product Discovery No
  • Product Discovery No
  • Transaction 0%
  • Transaction 2%
  • Transaction 15%


You are giving so much free so why are people still paying Shopify?

Yes we are giving so much for free and that is why people who get to know about us choose us, Good example is most people who finish their 14 days trial on Shopify finally come back to us or many other who after 2-3 months on Shopify move to us. Chances are if you don’t open your store today we will see you soon on Hipkart.

I am on Shopify can I open another store on HipKart?

Yes we have many people who open their second store on HipKart and most who completely shift from Shopify looking at the great advantages and saving they get on hipkart compared to expensive and paid Shopify.

How can I moved my store from Shopify?

Just signUp for your free store, when we say free its free for life not a 14 days trial without option to sell. And then use import tools to import your products, its that simple.

As HipKart is free, then it must be controlling payments of my sales, right?

:) No ! Most people have that preconceived notions. That’s a false assumptions HipKart is transparent, we believe “ Your Store, Your Products, Your Sales, Your Profit”. The truth is buyer pays directly to your payment gateway we have no control or access . There are many choices PayPal, PayKloud, 2Checkout, Stripe,, InstaMojo and many more

Can I have my own domain name to my store what do I pay for that?

Yes offcourse you can have any domain name that you have registered with your domain registrar and point it to HipKloud DNS for free without any charges. If you don’t have one you can register with GoDaddy , Namecheap or any other registrar and point it to your store on hipkart.

How much a store theme template cost on hipkart?

Themes are free and you can create a beautiful theme for your store easily by choosing a template and then editing it to your needs using our super easy click and save template editor. And if you have something very specific that you can find just ask Support and they will help you.

How many products can I add?

As mentioned in our comparison chart in pricing section, there are no limit you can add unlimited of your products or dropshipping products to store on hipkart.

How do I market my store and products on hipKart?

HipKart is discovery network it helps to get your products discovered wordwide via its network of online real estates, But to kickstart your sales its important you market your store just like on any other platform for that we have inbuilt AI driven marketing tool at free for cost. Helping you to market on Facebook and more.

A good friend told me that HipKart is helping underprivileged in Africa & Asia by offering extras to help them to build their income stream, I am touched by this how can I contribute to this HipKart’s great initiative?

We are only the world’s largest free e-commerce ecosystem not an NGO so we cant accept any financial contributions but we thank you for your noble and kind thoughts . If you really want to help us, help us by clicking the link below to share us with your loved ones and friends.

All features you need to Create Your Store

Perfect for beginners and experts alike

Website features

Inventory features

Discovery features

Payment Methods

Shipping and fulfillment

Mobile App

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Need products to start?

No worries. We’re here to help you at every stage of your journey.

Easy crowd marketing

Getting a new business or store promoted on internet is a confusing and complicated task, as often new business waste $1000s in trying different agencies to help them market.

CrowAds . Sell in group and save

CrowdAds is advance AI group marketing tool used advance crowd marketing method, it not only makes it simple but also makes it 5X cheaper to effectively run Ad Campaign. Watch the video to know more.

Boost Sales . A boost which sells more.

Boost Sales, is a tool to create sponsored listing to increase product exposure and visitors views across the hipKart’s global discovery network.
Whether its a new product listing or a product specially designed for a season or festive occasion the Boost product tool helps to specify target audience and time to get product highlighted based on specific presets.

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Get your own store up and running for free.

No setup, transaction or monthly fee.


Get your own store up and running for free.

No setup, transaction or monthly fee.



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Your Products: Create a store on HipKart to sell your products.

Create your free store and start selling your products to buyers across the world.

Dropshipper Products: Sell products of others and make money.

Create your free store, find and add products from other suppliers available via HipKart and start making money - in only few clicks.

Lets see how Kelly and Emma both use HipKart’s free service to run their business.

Kelly is selling her own products on her HipKart store.

Emma is selling products of others by keeping her profit margins on her store.

Jennifer is a buyer looking for a bag and pair of shoe, HipKart helps her to find the bag on Kelly’s store and shoes on Emma’s.

  • Your Own Products

    Kelly Jennifer
    1 2 3

    Jennifer finds the bag priced $95.99 on Kelly’s store and make the payment.

    Kelly receives the payment and ships the product to Jennifer.

    Jennifer receives the product and gives her feedback.

  • Drop-shipper Products

    Emma Natalie Jennifer
    1 2 3 4

    Jennifer finds the shoe priced $45.99 on Emma’s store and makes the payment.

    Emma receives the payment for the shoe, and keeps her profit margins of $20.

    Emma pays Natalie the actual price of the shoe and updates her order details.

    Natalie receives the payment of $25.99 and ships the product to Jennifer directly on Emma’s behalf.

Launch your store on HipKart for free with or without having your own products.

No setup, transaction or monthly fee.*No credit card required